Dawn Chaughada-Vadan Naubat (Nirmalya Visarjan and then Kumari Alankar)
8:30 am to 11:00 am Devakrityas including Abhishekhas
11:00 am to 12:00 noon Chaughada Vadan
12:00 noon Aarati in Shri Santeri Temple, Aarati in Shri Gram Purush Temple, Aarati in Shri Bhagwati Temple
12:15 pm Isharat
12:30 pm Maha Naivedya and Maha Aarati in Shri Mahalasa Temple
Immediately thereafter, Aarati in Sinha Purush Temple
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Chaughada Vadan
6:30 pm Naubhat
7:30 pm Puran Vachan  in Shri Mahalasa Temple
8:00 pm Isharat
8:00 pm Aarati in Shri Santeri Temple followed by Aarati in Shri Gram Purush Temple and Aarati in Shri Bhagwati Temple
8:30 pm Aarati in Shri Mahalasi Temple
Immediately thereafter Aarati in Shri Sinha Purush Temple

The Prasad is distributed to devotees after the Artis. The devotees cannot disperse from the Chauk unless Prasad is distributed to all those present on the Chauk and finally to the Sevakaris.

The Aaratis are performed in the following order:

1. Shri Santeri
2. Shri Laxminarayan
3. Shri Gram Purush
4. Shri Bhagwati
5. Shri Mahalasa
6. Shri Sinha Purush

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