Alankars of Shri Mahalasa Narayani

A very special feature in Mardol temple is the appearance of Shri Mahalasa in various Alankaars at various periods, sometimes during various times of the day.

To the keen devotee, she appears as various Gods and Godesses and Special Puja Offerings can be made to the deity.

Every day, after Nirmalya Visarjan, the deity is decorated with Kumari Alankaar. On every Ekadashi, the deity is decorated with Shri Vithoba Alankaar.

All the Alankaars can be seen as follows, in the following order:

Shri Kumari Alankar, Shri Vithoba Alankar, Shri Lakshmi Alankar, Shri Narayan Alankar, Shri Venkatesh Alankar, Shri Murlidhar Alankar, Shri Balakrishna Alankar, Shri Ananta Shayan Alankar, Shri Ram Alankar, Shri Kaliya Mardan Alankar.


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